About Us

We are a complete development team designing and developing gaming software and cabinets. We have many years of expertise in game design in lottery, Skill, hypercasual and gambling including, but not limited to 2d/3d art, animation, audio and front and back-end developemnt.

We have offices, warehouses and showroom in Phildadelphia and Orange County, CA.  We have team members in USA, Canada & Vietnam.

Design & Development

We take pride in our ability to materialize cutting edge products from simple concept.  Our design and development team tirelessly challenges the impossible to bring you the best.

We also pride ourselves in product refinemensts.  We use analytical data to identify area improvement to ensure every iteration is better the last. w

Customization & Localization

All products developed by uYeti Entertainment are done so with localization and flexibility in mind that can be customized distributed worldwide in any languages and currency.

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