about us

We are a full development studio with many years of experience and expertise in game design, 2D/3D art and animation, audio and coding development (Front end and Back end).


2d/3d animation

audio / effects


Our highly skilled design and development team takes pride in our ability form simple concept and expand it to a full blown product which includes:

A highly detailed game design document.
◆ Concept Art
◆ Match mode (RTP)
◆ In-game art and animation and Audio
◆ Analytics
◆ A full and accurate monetization model


We understand that branding is a big part of the digital business and one of the keys to success. We diligently work with partners using their existing brands o to assure partner needs are met o to help improve the customer experience and to insure revenues continuously increase.

We offer development services to our partners to help convert legacy products to the latest technologies and thus keep their revenue streams alive and well growing by constantly developing and updating profitable products to adapt to technological advancements.

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our client & partners

skillz competitive mobile platform
mobile match3 game

An amazing match 3 game with
exciting  board twists!

mobile casino game